At tradienet, our number one goal is to help every tradie we work with to grow their business.

Yes we build websites, but just like a home reno, not every website is created equally. As each business we work with is at their own unique stage of their journey, we'll first assess your business before recommending you take advantage of the tools we know will bring you the most value for your trade.

So depending on where your business is and what you're looking to achieve with your website, we'll alter the tools we recommend to ensure we're able to build you a website that gives you the best chance at achieving your tradie goals.

We'll then consider your budget and ideal timeline so we can create a bespoke package unique for your business and trade. Once you then begin to grow and see results, we can then look at adding additional solutions to help you scale into the future.

Our ever growing list of service tools:

The migration package

This package is for our merchants looking to move their current website to tradienet and Shopify for us to re-design and/or rebuild.

As the scope of work required is based on the size of your current website, we are unable to give you a price estimate on screen. However, if you're looking to have a few of our tools added, or you're simply looking for a fresh start then please reach out and we can discuss this process further.

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The essentials

These are the essential website tools we recommend every business has regardless of its size. They provide the most value for small to medium enterprises (SME's) and are the most essential funnel points used to generate leads.

Think of these tools like your hammer and phillips head. Tools you simply can't go without 🔨 🪛

  • SSL certificates

    SSL certificates are a crucial part of your website, especially if you handle sensitive customer information such as contact information, passwords and credit cards. Not only does an SSL certificate encrypt your visitors' information and keep it safe, but it now also helps your website rank higher in Google.

  • Custom domain(s)

    Having a custom domain is very important for your online brand. It improves name recognition, increases credibility and helps you get found online more easily. You can also get custom email address that matches your domain.

  • A custom email address

    Using a custom email address helps to strengthen your brand by ensuring that your brand name, website address and email addresses are coordinated. This keeps your brand coherent across all platforms, and avoids the mixed messages that can confuse your prospective customers

  • Mobile friendly design

    With over half of online shopping in 2020 being processed on mobile devices already, this number is only expected to grow. Meaning businesses who still haven't optimised their website for mobile are currently losing more than half of their potential customers due to this statistic alone.

  • Contact us page

    As a tradie, your email address is one of the main communication channels your leads reach out through. So having a contact us page where your leads can leave their name, phone number and job information is critical before you initiate conversation in your first interaction.

  • Your homepage

    The main function of a homepage is to be the first step in your sales funnel systematically directing users around your site, so it is important that your guests can do so with ease.

  • Your product/services

    Display to your website traffic what products and/or services you offer in much more detail. These pages are vital to help your customers process through the research phase of the buying cycle.

  • Live chat support

    With live chat, you give leads a way to reach you in the exact moment that they have questions or problems they can't solve. This psychologically feels much better than sending an email to a support team as with email, it's hard to know when you'll get a response back. The live chat feature really plays on your leads urgency to solve their problem as they are likely to get a response faster.

  • Customer reviews

    Customer reviews are quite possibly the most important commodity in the online space of commerce. The word of mouth of the internet. They help to build social proof and trust between your brand and audience.

    "Look at all their happy customers, surely I can trust them to fix my problem too."

  • Social channels and feeds

    Search engines love websites that are regularly updated because it show your leads that you're still actively trading. Having your Instagram feed displayed on your website homepage is a great way to achieve this as every upload on Instagram will automatically populate on your website doing wonders for your organic search engine rankings.

  • "Why choose us" page

    Explaining to you audience why they should choose your product and/or service over your competition is the most important message your website can communicate. Are you the best, the fastest or the cheapest? Maybe you offer two out of the three, but explaining to your leads what differentiates you from the rest allows you to find your perfect customers and charge the money you know you're worth.

  • External links to job finding platforms

    Not only does this tool give you credibility on your own website because your potential leads can see that you're listed on another credible platform they're familiar with and trust, but it also allows your leads searching for you on these platforms to see that you have a professionally designed website too. This tool will seal the deal on both ends for customers who both recognise these platforms listed and find you on said platforms.

  • SEO optimisation.

    As a web design company we'll optimise your website for basic organic search terms and regularly monitor your websites speed for any inefficiencies. Though, to be honest, here at tradienet, we know that as a tradie your marketing dollars are better spend on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Theres no point organically ranking number 1 for a search term when your potential customers aren't looking past the 4th paid ad listed above you.

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Tools for scale

These are the tools we recommend our larger merchants take advantage of. Designed to eleviate support debt and nurture leads from earlier in the buying cycle.

These tools are great for businesses who manage multiple projects at a time, run paid advertising and deal with a consistent amount of traffic on their website (or plan to 😜 ).

  • Proccesses page

    Traffic that views a process page is psychologically "shopping" and the more questions you can answer for them in their "research phase", the more likely they are to want to work with you. This business tool answers your potential leads question of "If we choose to work with this business, how does that process work?"

  • Success stories page

    This tool is one we would highly recommend for every tradie business that has the budget and is looking to grow. We'll interview 3 of your happy customers on camera to discuss how their overall experience was with your business. Our videography team will then professionally edit these videos to provide video content for your website that builds trust and offers value for your potential customers.

  • Your guarantees page

    Display to your customers what guarantees your business offer (if any) so your customers can feel secure in using you as their product and/or service provider.

  • Health & Safety page

    Let your customers know you take health and safety of both your team and customers seriously by displaying the health and safety requirements you work hard to abide by. Ensuring the work you provide for your customers is safe for the foreseeable future.

  • FAQ's page

    Designed to elevate support debt, nurture leads and decrease your time supporting customers on the phone still in the research phase. This tool is a section of your website designated to the top 10 most common questions you get from your customers. Let them find the answers to their questions on your website, not your competitions.

  • Terms of trade page

    This page is designed to give both your team and your customers easy access to your contracts and terms of trade. Not only does this build trust with your website traffic becasue they can see you're legally protecting both parties, but if customers have any questions you can simply direct them to this resource.

  • Company blog

    Blogging allows you to share valuable and helpful information about your craft and industry to attract your audience. Nurturing leads from the research phase, it allows you to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics and is a great way to create a personality for your company that makes your business more credible and approachable.

  • Your portfolio page(s)

    This tool is one we would highly recommend for every tradie business that has the budget and is looking to grow. With before and after pictures, a descriptive write up on how each job went and your customer reviews all in one place. Build trust and social proof by displaying your quality workmanship with a collections of jobs your business has recently completed.

  • Assisted shopping questionnaire

    The more actions people take on your website looking for answers unique to their problem, the less likely they are are to head to your competition for a solution.This is because they now also have something to loose if the job falls through, their time invested. This business tool works to systematically transitions your traffic from people (in the research phase of the buying cycle) looking for answers unique to their situation, to leads reaching out for more help through custom built questionnaires.

  • The checkout process

    Depending on how you currently manage your quote and payment process will determine whether we think having an online checkout is necessary for your business. However, whether you cant offer fixed quotes, manage your payments through a job management software, or you you're in an industry where you can display fixed prices and would like to sell directly off your website then thats possible too. We'll build you a business tool thats optimised for your ultimate objective.

  • Brand pyramid

    If you have one of these then thats great! We'll use it as one the templates we use to build your website! However, if you don't yet have a document explaining your Minimum Viable Brand (MVB), then we'll set you up with your own brand pyramid so you can have direction when niching down and providing value for your target audience.

  • Lead magnet and trip wire

    These are two business tools any tradie can benefit from when it comes to generating new leads. We'll systematically build you a website that funnels your audience to both these outcomes. It involves offering something of value to your target audience for free in exchange for their contact information (the lead magnet). Once your lead has then consumed the lead magnet and seen its value, you then offer them a free additional service offering when they next contact you for a limited time (the trip wire).

  • Your partners page

    In business, if you're wanting to charge the prices you know you're worth, then the old saying of "Its better to be a jack of all trades, than a master of one" definitely doesn't apply. Let your audience know you're the experts in your trade by showcasing your hand picked list of reputable tradies you recommend when customers come looking for work you don't provide. On the other side of the coin its also brilliant for networking and allows you to share the brand value that you and your partners can provide for your customers.

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Not sure what tools you need, but know you need a website? Fill in your information below and we'll be happy to help out 🤙