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Marketing and Lead Generation for Tradies

We'll build and run your ads, call and qualify your leads for you, before booking in a time for you to go quote only high paying jobs directly into your calendar.

We'll even send you and your prospects SMS and Email reminders full of important information to improve your chances of winning each job.

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Our Process

In the competitive tradie digital landscape, we employ a simple and strategic three-step process to generate new leads and quote requests through paid ads. By gathering and creating compelling content, launching targeted ads, and leveraging audience engagement, we can drive successful lead campaigns that generate great results for our clients.

Step 1

Gather Content

Step 2

Launch Ads

Step 3

Generate Leads

By meticulously executing each step in this process, we can drive successful lead generation campaigns, helping you expand your customer base and achieve your business goals.

Our Marketing and Lead Generation Plans

As each marketing plan is custom built for each of our merchants across multiple mediums to give them the best opportunity to achieve their individual goals. The only difference between each plan would therefore be each plans budget. The reason the budget changes per plan is to increase the flow of traffic at the top end of the sales funnel. As marketing is a game of percentages, when you increase the number of targeted eyes on any great website, it will also increase the number of leads generated at the back end. Which is why increasing (and in some cases decreasing) the budget is important to influence the flow of traffic if you're wanting manipulate the number of leads your website produces. In most cases our merchants are looking to increase their number of leads. However,  in some cases our merchants are looking to decrease their cost per lead so they can have a profitable business model.  At the end of the day, that's what matters most.

Plan 1

Another 5-10 Quote Requests
per month GUARANTEED!


/mo NZD

3 months min.

Price excludes GST and ad spend.

Plan 2

Another 10-20 Quote Requests
per month GUARANTEED!


/mo NZD

3 months min.

Price excludes GST and ad spend.

Plan 3

Another 20-40 Quote Requests
per month GUARANTEED!


/mo NZD

3 months min.

Price excludes GST and ad spend

Please note: As there are only a finite number of leads in any location at any point in time, we unfortunately cannot run ads for all our merchants at any one time. Therefore, please get in touch with us to see if we have availability in your location for your specific service. Photography and videography packages are also available with additional investment. Click here to find out more about our content creation packages.

Our Marketing Mediums

Depending on your budget, your target audience and the services you provide, we'll recommend what your marketing budget gets spent on and why. Below is a brief explanation of each of the marketing mediums we currently use for our tradies. 


Search Engine
Pay Per Click


Search Engine Optimisation

We work with other mediums by request, but in all honesty when it comes to building successful marketing campaigns for tradies working in a service based industry with local repeat customers. These are the mediums that matter most today. 

Some Of Our Results To Date

Lead Form Campaign 1.jpg__PID:8f845fec-5bd9-4193-87bc-69c1ab891a72Lead Form Campaign 2.jpg__PID:845fec5b-d991-4347-bc69-c1ab891a7243

Each of these inbound leads is interested in receiving a free consultation and quote from one of our tradienet merchants for a high-ticket job paying over $10,000

How many of these high-ticket leads could you turn into customers and how much would that be worth to you and your business?

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marketing and lead generation anyway

If your website was built by another agency, then that's completely fine. You can still sign up for one of our marketing plans once your current website has passed an inspection by one of our tradienet development managers. 

How tradienet websites
generate new leads better

At tradienet, we understand that simply driving traffic to your website through paid advertising is not enough to convert potential customers into leads at high conversion rates. That's why we've taken a unique approach to website design - creating custom build questionnaires that produce on-screen price estimates. This allows your customers to quickly and easily understand the ball park cost of your services for their specific job requirements, resulting in a smooth and seamless lead-generating process. While other web design agencies may rely on static pages and vague pricing information, our innovative approach leads to increased user engagement and more qualified leads. So why settle for a website that just looks good when you can have one that actually generates more customers and revenue? Let us help take your business to the next level today.


Marketing Difference


Marketing Difference

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