Guy Harley - Oct 9 2023

How to Engage New Leads Effectively in Your Service-Based Trades Business

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As a tradie operating in a service-based industry, reaching out to potential new clients can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Especially if they’re not a referred lead that has heard about your great work from a friend or family member. You hit the 'send' button on your message and hope for a positive response. However, it's not uncommon to find that your outreach isn't getting the traction it deserves, resulting in missed opportunities.

So, what can you do to ensure your potential clients don't overlook your messages? What should you include in that initial contact to increase your chances of a reply? Let's explore the insights we've gathered from analysing the communication efforts of over 50,000 tradies and service businesses across various fields.

Crafting Effective Outreach Messages that Win Responses 🔥

1) Personalise Your Opening: Mention the Client's Name and Establish Context

When you're reaching out to a new client, keep in mind that from their perspective, your message might seem like just another random note from an unknown contact. Often, they'll only catch a glimpse of your message on their phone's lock screen before deciding whether to engage or dismiss it.

The success of your outreach largely hinges on the first ten words of your message. Avoid squandering this valuable real estate on lengthy pleasantries that don't establish a connection or context. Instead, use those initial words to:

- Address the client by their name: This immediately grabs their attention and shows that you've taken the time to know who they are, setting you apart from the myriad of unfamiliar messages.
- Mention the specific service they're interested in: This provides clarity and helps them understand the purpose of your message, avoiding any appearance of unsolicited outreach.

For example:
✅ "Hi John, thank you for your inquiry about electrical repairs in your home…"

2) Keep It Concise and Clear

Your first message to a potential client should serve as a concise introduction to the service they're interested in, not an exhaustive history of your business. Avoid overwhelming them with an excess of information in that initial message, as this may deter them from reading it in full.

Most people lead busy lives, and they're unlikely to dedicate time to reading a lengthy message from a tradesperson they've just come into contact with. Aim to keep your initial message brief enough that it's fully visible even when the phone's keyboard is displayed, covering the bottom part of the screen.

Of course, you can share more details and specifics later in the conversation, once the client has engaged with you.

3) Conclude with a Simple Question

Wrapping up your initial message with a question encourages the client to respond, especially if it's a straightforward yes-or-no query. On the other hand, by not asking questions it also may imply that no response is expected.

When you only provide information without prompting a response, the client might think, "I have the information I need, and I don't have any immediate questions." Therefore, they may not feel compelled to respond to your message.

Including a simple question at the end of your first message helps the conversation flow naturally, making the client feel like they're engaging in a personalised conversation rather than receiving an automated sales pitch.

✅ "Would you like to schedule a visit for a free consultation?"
✅ "Do you prefer mornings or afternoons for our initial site assessment?"

4) Avoid Overloading with Questions

While asking a question in your initial outreach is crucial, avoid bombarding the client with multiple or complex questions. These can slow down their response time or even discourage them from replying.

As a general guideline, ensure that a client can read and respond to your first message within 10 seconds. Therefore, initially limit yourself to one question that can be answered with a simple "Yes," "No," or a brief response.

Steer clear of questions that require lengthy contemplation or the sharing of personal information. Your goal is to make it easy for clients to provide a prompt response.

✅ "Can you confirm your address for the service?"
✅ "Would you like us to include materials in the quote?"

5) Avoid Sending Links or Attachments in the First Message

Including links or attachments in your initial outreach can reduce your chances of receiving a response. Messages containing such elements are more challenging to skim and understand quickly because they necessitate additional clicks to access the content, which may be lengthy.

Potential clients may find it inconvenient to engage with your message and its attachments if they are busy or distracted. This could lead to them postponing a response and eventually forgetting about it.

Therefore, it's advisable to send links and attachments only after the potential client has replied to your initial message. This is especially important when communicating with new leads through messaging platforms where links may not be clickable at first due to security features.

In Summary:

When composing your first outreach message, stick to this approach for more effective engagement: personalise it with the client's name, establish context in the first 10 words, keep it concise, ask one simple yes/no question, and refrain from including links or attachments. By mastering this strategy, you can expect to see more of your initial messages to potential clients turning into productive conversations that lead to new opportunities in your service-based trades business.

Added Bonus! Here’s our tradienet Introduction template:

Hey [Client's Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I noticed your inquiry about [specific service] and wanted to personally reach out to you. My name is [Your Name], and I'm a [Your Trade] with [Your Company Name].

We specialise in [briefly mention the key aspects of your service that are relevant], and I'd be happy to assist you with your [specific service] needs.

Would you like to schedule a visit for your free consultation?

Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

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