Guy Harley - May 20 2022

Building Your Trade Brand: Addressing Staffing Issues and Material Shortages through Strategic Pricing

Trade businesses often face challenges related to staffing issues and material shortages, which can significantly impact operations and profitability. However, by strategically building and positioning your trade brand, you can address these challenges and create a more sustainable and resilient business model. In this blog, we will explore how increasing your prices can help alleviate staffing issues and mitigate the impact of material shortages, allowing you to maintain quality service delivery while ensuring business viability.

Attracting and Retaining Skilled Staff:

Skilled staff are the backbone of any trade business, and their shortage can disrupt operations and hinder growth. By building a strong trade brand that is known for quality workmanship, professionalism, and fair compensation, you can attract and retain top talent in your industry.

Increasing your prices allows you to offer competitive wages, benefits, and career development opportunities. Skilled tradespeople are more likely to be drawn to a reputable brand that values their expertise and compensates them accordingly. By establishing your trade brand as an employer of choice, you can mitigate staffing issues and build a reliable and capable team.

Reducing Workload and Burnout:

Operating with a reduced staff due to shortages can put excessive pressure on your existing team, leading to burnout and decreased productivity. By strategically increasing your prices, you can take on fewer projects while maintaining or even increasing your revenue.

Higher prices enable you to be more selective in choosing projects that align with your business goals and capacity. This approach allows you to allocate sufficient time and resources to each project, ensuring quality work and customer satisfaction. By avoiding overloading your staff with excessive work, you can prevent burnout, retain talent, and maintain a high level of service delivery.

Mitigating the Impact of Material Shortages:

Material shortages are a common challenge faced by trade businesses, impacting project timelines and increasing costs. By increasing your prices, you can offset the additional expenses incurred due to material scarcity and fluctuations in prices.

Raising prices enables you to factor in the increased costs of sourcing materials and managing inventory. This approach helps ensure profitability and sustainability during periods of material shortages. Communicate the reasons behind the price adjustments to your customers, emphasising the importance of delivering quality workmanship despite the challenges posed by material availability.

Focusing on Higher-Value Projects:

Increasing your prices can also allow you to focus on higher-value projects that provide better margins. By strategically positioning your trade brand as a premium service provider, you can attract clients who prioritise quality and are willing to pay a premium for your expertise.

By targeting higher-value projects, you can optimise your resource allocation and minimise material waste. This approach helps maximise profitability while reducing the strain on staff and mitigating material shortages. Additionally, working on higher-value projects enhances your brand reputation and can lead to additional referrals and opportunities.


Building your trade brand strategically can help address staffing issues and material shortages by implementing a pricing strategy that allows for fair compensation, reduced workload, and the ability to navigate material scarcity effectively. By positioning your brand as a premium service provider, you can attract and retain skilled staff, mitigate burnout, and maintain high-quality service delivery. Adjusting prices to reflect the challenges of material shortages enables you to sustain profitability while delivering value to clients. By focusing on higher-value projects, you optimise resource allocation and strengthen your brand reputation. Embrace the power of branding and pricing to create a resilient trade business that can thrive even in the face of staffing and material challenges.

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